Permanent Joint Tripartite Commission discusses NRs at the last Ordinary Meeting of 2023

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On December 12 and 13, the Ministry of Labour and Employment held the last meeting of the Permanent Joint Tripartite Commission (CTPP) for 2023. The federal government forum, whose main purpose is to promote social dialogue with a view to improving the working environment and conditions, is responsible for discussing issues related to health and safety at work.

The 19th ordinary meeting of the CTPP dealt with regulatory standards NR-01, NR-12, NR-22, NR-31, NR-35 and NR-36. In addition to these discussions, the Committee reviewed and updated the CTPP Regulatory Agenda for 2024 and discussed the Regulatory Outcome Assessment (ROA) Agenda.

One of the highlights discussed at the meeting was the inclusion of NR-32, which addresses health and safety in the healthcare sector. This evaluation, scheduled for the end of next year, aims to analyze the impact of this NR, assess whether it has achieved its original objectives, and understand other impacts resulting from its implementation.

One of the regulatory standards discussed was NR-12 (footwear), which deals with the extension of deadlines. It was agreed by consensus to extend the implementation period by 12 months and to establish a study group to gather information on the effectiveness of the provisions in the footwear sector.

With regard to NR-01 and NR-31 (Right of Refusal), it was decided to adapt the section dealing with general rules and risk management at work, as well as some details of NR-31, which deals with occupational safety and health in agricultural, livestock, forestry and aquaculture activities. This harmonization was done by aligning the text with the guidelines of ILO International Convention No. 155, which deals with the health and safety of workers and the working environment.

Still on NR-01 (Terms and Definitions), it was decided to include the following terms: “national technical standards”, “international technical standards”, “harmonized European standards” and “technical person responsible for training”. It was also decided to amend the term “Technical person responsible for training”.

With regard to NR-22 (General Revision), the updated text of NR-22, which deals with health and safety in mining, was approved by consensus. In addition, actions were defined, such as the creation of the National Tripartite Thematic Commission (CNTT) of NR-22, the development of the NR-22 Application Manual and the resumption of discussions on NR-09, related to heat, focusing on activities carried out underground.

Another important point raised at the meeting was the formation of a tripartite working group to discuss the issue of mineral dust, in line with the discussion on chemicals in NR-09.

It was agreed that NR-35, which deals with work at heights, should be repealed and that a specific tripartite working group should be set up to discuss the issue.

With regard to NR-36 (Updating/Harmonization), it was decided to update and harmonize the health and safety requirements for slaughterhouses and meat and derivatives processing plants. In addition, the creation of the National Tripartite Thematic Commission (CNTT) was forwarded.