NR-12 – Machinery and Work Equipment Safety

NR-12 is a Brazilian regulation that establishes minimum requirements for the prevention of accidents and diseases related to the work with machines and equipment of all types.

NR-12 was originally issued in 1978, based on articles 184 to 186 of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). It underwent several changes and updates until 2010, when it was completely revised, influenced by technological advances, social demands, and the experience of the Labor Inspection and other entities and social actors.

NR-12 applies to the design, manufacture, import, sale, exhibition, and transfer of machines and equipment, new and used, of all types, as well as their installation, adjustment, operation, maintenance, and repair. It also covers the training of workers and the supervision of their health and safety conditions.

NR-12 consists of a main body with 19 titles and 11 Annexes. The main body defines technical references, fundamental principles, protection measures, and minimum requirements for the prevention of accidents and diseases. The Annexes provide complementary information and specific requirements for certain types of machines and equipment. NR-12 incorporates national and international technical standards and is harmonized with state of the art and the best practices in the field of machine safety.

NR12 – Machinery and Work Equipment Safety
(Version 2016)

Annex I – Safety Distances and Requirements for Use of Optelectronics Presence Detectors

Annex II – Content of Training Program

Annex III – Permanent Means of Access

Annex IV – Glossary

Annex V – Chainsaws

Annex VI of NR12 – Bakery and Confectionery Machines

Annex VII of NR12 – Grocery and Butcher Machines

Annex VIII of NR12 – Presses and Similar Equipments

Annex IX of NR12 – Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Annex X of NR12 – Shoe Making Machines

Annex XI of NR12 – Machinery and Implements for Agricultural and Forestry Use

Annex XII of NR12 – Hosting Equipments for Lifting People and Working at Height

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