NR21 – Open Air Work

(Last amended on December 15, 1999)

21.1. During works performed in the open air, it is mandatory to provide shelters that protect workers against inclement weather, though rustic.

21.2. Special measures to protect the workers against excessive sunlight, heat, cold, moisture and wind shall be required.

21.3. Accommodations that have adequate sanitary conditions shall be provided to the workers who lives in the workplace.

21.4. Measures for the prophylaxis of endemic diseases shall be imperative for the works performed in swampy or marshy areas, according to public health standards.

21.5. Workplaces shall be maintained in sanitary conditions compatible with the activity type.

21.6. When the employer provides the worker with housing for himself/herself and his/her family, it shall have adequate sanitary conditions.

21.6.1. Collective family dwellings are prohibited, in any case.

21.7. The dwellings shall have:

a) capacity in accordance with the number of residents;
b) adequate ventilation and direct light;
c) whitewashed walls and floors constructed from impermeable material.

21.8. The dwelling houses shall be constructed in airy places, free from vegetation and at least 50.00m away from hay and manure deposits, sheepfolds, stables, pigsties and any breeding nurseries.

21.9. The doors, windows and cracks shall have devices to keep them closed, when necessary.

21.10. The water well shall be protected against contamination.

21.11. The covers shall always be made of impermeable, rotproof and non-combustible materials.

21.12. Every dwelling shall have at least one bedroom, one kitchen and one toilet.

21.13. The cesspools shall be at least 15.00m from the well, 10.00m from the house, and in a place free from flooding and downstream of the well.

21.14. Private facilities shall be airy, with abundant ventilation, be kept clean and in good sanitary conditions, as well as protected against the proliferation of insects, rats, animals and pests.