CONAMA Resolution 11/88 – Provisions related to wild fire management within Conservation Units.

CONAMA RESOLUTION 11, Dec. 14, 1988

Establishes provisions related to wild fire management within Conservation Units.

THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL – CONAMA in accordance with the power bestowed upon the Council by article 8 of Law 6.938 from August 31, 1981, and art. 7 of Decree 88.351, from June 1, 1983, decides:

Art. 1 Conservation Units composed of forest ecosystems must be cared for even when subjected to fires in order to achieve its natural recuperation through ecological successional processes.

§ 1 Burned lumber cannot be commercialized disrespect of the causes of the fire.

§ 2 Burned lumber can only be used for fences, bridges and for other purposes that benefit the Conservation Unit.

Art. 2 The construction or opening of firebreaks, paths and small dams within Conservation Units is allowed if foreseen by the respective Management Master Plan and in order to avoid and combat fires and their propagation.

§ 1 The construction or opening of paths of any nature within a Conservation Unit cannot be aimed at allowing the transit of persons, domestic animals or vehicles from locations situated outside of the Area, unless previously
approved by CONAMA.

§ 2 The construction or opening of firebreaks, dams and paths to combat fires must be carried out without the destruction of notable or rare species of the local biota and cannot cause any type of accelerated erosion.

§ 3 Educational programs on fire control and prevention must be undertaken in localities that neighbor the Conservation Units.

Art. 3 The use of fire as a tool for the ecological management of fields, Cerrado and other types of savannah, adapted to periodical fires, must be preceded by environmental impact studies that identify possible dangers
and must be carried out with full fire control.

§ 1 Management fires cannot exceed, per year, the equivalent of 20% of the total area of the Conservation Unit.

§ 2 Management fires must avoid the encircling of vertebrate animals and never hinder their possible exit from the Conservation Unit.

§ 3 Management fires can only be carried out during hours and occasions with high air humidity and when the wind cannot strengthen the fires.

§ 4 Management fires must be accompanied by a group of individuals that possess adequate vehicles and hardware to combat the flames and thereby safeguard their effective control.

§ 5 Management fires cannot be undertaken in forestry Conservation Units unless they have been granted previous CONAMA authorization.

Art. 4 This Resolution shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

JOÃO ALVES FILHO – Council President

This text does not substitute the text published in the Official Gazette on Aug. 11, 1989.