NR32 – Health and Safety in Health Services

NR-32 was first published on November 11, 2005, after health sector unions in São Paulo highlighted the need for workplace safety in healthcare.

NR-32 establishes guidelines for the safety and health of healthcare workers, applying to medical and dental clinics, laboratories, and hospitals, but not to animal health services.

It enhances the Environmental Risk Prevention Program (PPRA) in NR-9 and the Occupational Health Medical Control Program (PCMSO) in NR-7, focusing on healthcare-specific risks such as biological, chemical, and ionizing radiation hazards.

It also addresses waste management, comfort during meals, laundry services, cleaning, maintenance, environmental conditions (noise, lighting, thermal comfort), and ergonomics. As a sectoral standard, NR-32 must be followed along with other general and special regulatory standards. For instance, equipment like autoclaves and boilers must meet NR-13 requirements.

NR-32 Health and Safety in Health Services
(MTP Ordinance No. 4.219, of Decemer 20, 2022)

Annex I Classification of Biological Agents

Annex II Classification Table of Biological Agents

Annex III Plan for the Prevention of Sharps Injuries

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