CONAMA Resolution 317/02

CONAMA RESOLUTION 317, Dec. 4, 2002
Published in Official Gazette 245 on Dec. 19, 2002, Section 1, page 224
· Regulates art. 1 of CONAMA Resolution 278/01
Regulates Resolution 278 from May 24, 2001, which Establishes provisions regarding the cutting and exploitation of Atlantic Forest species threatened with extinction.

THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL – CONAMA, in accordance with the power bestowed upon the Council by Law 6.938 from August 31, 1981, regulated by Decree 99.274 from June 6, 1990, changed by Decree 2.120 from Jan. 13, 1997 and in accordance with the provisions of its Internal Regulations, annex of Administrative order 326 from Dec. 15, 1994, and

Considering that the provisions of the single paragraph of art. 1 of CONAMA Resolution 278 from May 24, 2001, requires the setting of criteria that safeguard genetic conservation and the sustainability of the use of exploitable species populations threatened with extinction.

Considering the need to regulate the conservation and exploitation of the Atlantic Forest Biome and its ecosystems, decides:

Art. 1 The necessary criteria for genetic conservation and the sustainability of the exploitation of Atlantic Forest flora species heathen with extinction must be consubstantiated by State Conservation and Exploitation Plans based on scientific and technical studies.

§ 1 The State Conservation and Exploitation Plans mentioned in the heading of this article must be organized into ecosystems and include, at least, the following aspects:

I – diagnosis of the ecosystem’s forestry remains and in particular of species threatened with extinction and endemic to the local flora and fauna;
II – typological characterization of forest formations considering species threatened with extinction.
III – identification of priority conservation areas;
IV – zoning aimed at conservation and with due attention to scientific and technical criteria for species threatened with extinction;
V – conservation, conversion and selective exploitation criteria and standards per species, including at least
a) minimum stock needed for conservation of species that are the object of exploitation, based on ecological and genetic criteria;
b) maximum modular area limit for the execution of Sustainable Forestry Management Plans, when applicable, whose analysis, deliberation and monitoring must be carried out by the Technical Chamber of the competent environmental organ, created exclusively for this purpose.
c) environmental impact mitigation of explored areas, through low impact exploitation technologies and landscape ecology.
VI – regional socio-economic studies.

§ 2 The State Conservation and Exploitation Plans must, considering the state and regional peculiarities and the respective stages of current studies, be well articulated and congruent in order to allow the establishment, by competent environmental or forestry organs, of a System for the Conservation and Exploitation of the Atlantic Forest Biome and its ecosystems.

§ 3 The State Conservation and Exploitation Plans foreseen in the heading of the present article, must be formulated by the competent environmental or forestry organs and approved by deliberative State Environment Councils, linked to CONAMA.

Art. 2 This Resolution shall enter into effect on the date of its publication.

JOSÉ CARLOS CARVALHO – Council President

This text does not substitute the text published in the Official Gazette on Dec. 19, 2002.