Annex II of NR13 – Certification Requirements for Self Service Equipment Inspection

Before putting the safety inspections periods into practice, as established in item and in paragraph “b” of item, the “Self Service Equipment Inspection (SSEI)” of the company, which is organized in the form of sector, section, department, division or equivalent, shall be certified by the Product Certification Bodies (PCB) accredited by INMETRO, which will check the compliance to the following minimum requirements stated in paragraphs “a” to “h” by means of planned audits:

a) existence of company’s own personnel where the boilers or pressure vessels are installed, exclusively dedicated to the activities of inspection, assessment of integrity and service life, with education, qualification and training compatible with the proposed activity of the safety preservation;
b) labor hired for the non-destructive test certified under the applicable regulations, and for any other services, selected and evaluated according to the criteria similar to that used for labor itself;
c) proposed equipment inspection service with a responsible personnel formally assigned this role;
d) existence of at least one qualified professional;
e) existence of conditions for maintenance of updated technical file, which is necessary for compliance with this NR, as well as mechanisms for distributing information when required;
f) existence of written procedures for the key activities;
g) existence of a consistent system with the implementation of the proposed activities;
h) minimum compliance with the inspection program.

The certification of the SSEI and its continuation is subject to the specific regulations by INMETRO.