CONAMA Resolution 9/96

CONAMA RESOLUTION 9, October 24, 1996
Published in Official Gazette 217 on Nov. 7, 1996, Section 1, pages 23069-23070
· Defines “remaining corridors” mentioned in art.7 of Decree 750/
Defines ”remaining corridors between vegetation” as transit areas for fauna.

THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL – CONAMA, in accordance with the power bestowed upon the Council by Law 6.938 from August 31, 1981, changes by Law 8.028 from April 12, 1990, regulated by Decree 99.274 from June 6, 1990 and Law 8.746 from Dec. 9, 1993 and considering the provisions of Law 8.490 from Nov. 19, 1992 and in accordance with the provisions of its Internal Regulations, and

Considering the provisions of art. 225 of the Federal Constitution and in particular the definition of Atlantic Forest as part of the National Patrimony;

Considering the need to strengthen the implementation of Decree 750/93 that addresses issues related to the protection of the Atlantic Forest;

Considering the need to define “corridors between remains” named in art. 7 of Decree 750/93 as well as to establish parameters and procedures for their identification and protection, Decides:

Art. 1 A corridor between remains is characterized as the strip of vegetation cover that exists between remains of primary vegetation in a medium or advanced stage of regeneration that is able to form a habitat or as a transit area for fauna living in the remains.

Single paragraph. Corridors between remains are composed by:

a) neighboring forests in all of their extension and legally defined river margin strips;
b) existing strips of vegetation cover that allow for the interconnection of remains, in particular in relation to conservation units and permanent preservation areas.

Art. 2 Areas that provide these properties and which are in need of interventions in order to achieve the renewal of their vegetation, shall be planted with regional native species previously defined for preservation or for exploitation.

Art. 3 The breadth of the corridors is set at 10% (ten percent) of their total length and a minimum of 100 meters.

Single paragraph. In respect to river marginal strips the minimum established breadth will be counted from both river margins.

Art. 4 All contrary provisions are hereby revoked.

Art. 5 This Resolution shall enter into effect on the date of its publication.

EDUARDO DE SOUZA MARTINS – Executive Secretary

This text does not substitute the text published in the Official Gazette on Nov. 7, 1996.