CONAMA Resolution 11/89 – Provisions for the creation of the Cagarras Archipelago Area of Relevant Ecological Interest in the State of Rio de Janeiro

CONAMA RESOLUTION 11, September 14, 1989
Published in the Official Gazette on December 18, 1989, Section 1, page 23405
Establishes provisions for the creation of the Cagarras Archipelago Area of Relevant Ecological Interest in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL – CONAMA, in accordance with the power bestowed upon the Council by Item IX of article 17 of the Council’s Internal Regulations and considering the provisions of art. 7 of Decree 88.351 issued on June 1, 1983, and art. 7 of Decree 89. 336 issued on January 31, 1984, decides:

To forward the following Decree proposal to the Presidency of the Republic:

Art. 1 The Ilhas Cagarras Area of Relevant Ecological Interest located in the Atlantic Ocean in front of the Ipanema Beach in the Rio de Janeiro State is hereby created is hereby created.

Single paragraph. The territorial sea with a radius of 2 kilometers around each island is also an integral part of the Area.

Art. 2 The Navy Ministry is hereby granted the authorization to place and operate the necessary hardware and structures in the Area in order to safeguard navigation safety and other activities included in the Ministry’s remit.

Art. 3 The following activities are interdicted in the Ilhas Carragas Area of Relevant Ecological Interest:

I – Any activity that may cause any hazards to the integrity of the ecosystem and the harmony of the landscape;
II – Fishing activities with nets, traps and other apparatus considered by IBAMA as hazardous for the ocean fauna as well as the possession or use of explosives, firearms and objects that can kill animals;
III – Sports competitions as well as any other activity that can disturb the aquatic fauna and sea birds that inhabit the islands and their surrounding areas;
IV – The use of tents or any form of camping without previous IBAMA authorization.

Art 4 The Area of Relevant Ecological Interest will be supervised and inspected by IBAMA who will, for these purposes, undertake public agreements with public organs or agreements with non-profit environmental conservation entities.

Art 5 Infractions to the above provisions will be imposed according to art. 4 of Decree 89.336 from January 31, 1984 without prejudice to obligations related to ecological reparation damages and other.

Art. 6 All provisions to the contrary are hereby revoked.

JOÃO ALVES FILHO – Council President

This text does not substitute the text published in the Official Gazette on December 18, 1989.