Annex II of NR-24 Sanitary and Comfort Conditions in External Services

1. For the purposes of this Annex, external work is considered any work performed outside the employer’s establishment, which will be executed at the client’s establishment or in a public place. Activities related to construction, meter readers, salespeople, delivery workers, mail carriers, and similar activities, as well as activities regulated by Annex III of this standard, are excluded from this annex.

2. In activities carried out at the client’s establishment, the client will be responsible for ensuring comfort to meet the basic hygiene and food needs, according to item 24.1 of this standard.

    2.1 Whenever external, mobile, or temporary work occurs predominantly in a public place, at the work site, the employer must ensure:

    a) Sanitary facilities consisting of a toilet and sink for each group of 20 (twenty) workers or fraction thereof, which may include chemical toilets equipped with a flushing mechanism or waste isolation, with venting and ventilation, material for hand washing and drying, prohibiting the use of collective towels, and ensuring daily cleaning of the units;

    b) A meal area protected against the weather and in hygienic conditions, that serves all workers or provides means for meal expenses in commercial establishments; and

    c) Fresh and potable water stored in thermal containers in good condition and in sufficient quantity.

    3. The use of sanitary facilities in external work must be free for the worker.

    4. For workers in external work who bring their own meals, thermal devices for food preservation and heating must be provided.

    5. In external work, compliance with this Annex may occur through an agreement with establishments near the work site, ensuring the transportation of all workers to the mentioned location.