Annex II of NR12 – Content of Training Program

1. The training for safe operation of machinery shall cover theoretical and practical steps in order to provide proper skills for the operator to work safely, containing at least:

a) identification and description of the risks associated with each machine and equipment and the specific protections against each of the risks;
b) functions of the protections, how and why they must be used;
c) how and under what circumstances a protection can be removed, and by whom, being in most cases, only by the inspection or maintenance personnel;
d) what to do, for example, contact the supervisor, if a protection was damaged or lost its function, while ensuring adequate safety;
e) the principles in safe use of machinery or equipment;
f) safety for mechanical, electrical and other relevant risks;
g) safe system of work;
h) permit to work; and
i) the machine and equipment lock out system during inspection, cleaning, lubrication and maintenance operations.

1.1. The training for operators of self-propelled machinery shall consist of theoretical and practical steps and have the minimum syllabus described in the paragraphs of item 1 of this Annex and also:

a) notions about traffic laws and occupational health and safety legislations;
b) notions about accidents and diseases resulting from exposure to the risks in machinery, equipment and implements;
c) risk control measures: CPE and PPE;
d) safe operation of machinery or equipment;
e) safe inspection, adjustment and maintenance;
f) safety signs;
g) procedures in an emergency; and
h) notions about first aid.

1.1.1. The practical step shall be supervised and documented and can be performed on the machine which will be operated.