Annex V of NR12 – Chainsaws

1. Chainsaws shall have the following safety devices:

a) manual or automatic chain brake;
b) chain catcher;
c) right hand protector;
d) left hand protector; and
e) accelerator safety lock.

1.1. Pruners and the like shall meet the provisions of item 1 and its paragraphs in this Annex, as applicable.

2. Manufacturers and importers of the chainsaws and the like shall include the vibration and noise levels and the methodology used for such measurement in the catalogs and instruction manuals for all models.

3. The manufactured and imported chainsaws and the like shall be marketed with an instruction manual that contains informations relative to the safety and health at work, in particular:

a) health and safety risks while handling them;
b) safe working instructions for the equipment, in accordance with the provisions of the Practical Recommendations of the International Labor Organization (ILO):;
c) noise and vibration specifications; and
d) warnings on misuse of the equipment.

4. The manufacturers and importers of chainsaws and the like in Brazil shall make the training and educational materials available to the users through their resellers, in accordance with a syllable relating to constant use in the instruction manual.

4.1. Employers shall provide the operators with trainings on safe use of the equipment, with minimum course load of eight hours according to the program content in the instruction manual.

4.2. Guarantee certificates of the equipments shall have specific fields to be signed by the consumer, confirming the availability of training or responsibility for the training of workers who will use the equipments.

5. All models of chainsaws and the like shall contain indelible and durable warning signs that will be easily seen and noted by the user, with the following information: Improper use can cause serious accidents and damage to health.

6. It is forbidden to use the chainsaw and the like with internal combustion in enclosed or poorly ventilated places.