NR14 – Furnaces

(MTP Regulation No. 2189, of July 28, 2022)

14.1 Objective
14.2 Scope
14.3 Preventive measures

14.1 Objective

14.1.1 The purpose of this regulatory standard (NR) is to establish requirements for the safe operation of furnaces.

14.2 Scope

14.2.1 The preventive measures specified in this standard apply to organizations that use furnaces in their production processes.

14.3 Preventive measures

14.3.1 Furnaces, whatever their use, shall be of solid construction and covered with refractory material so that radiant heat does not exceed the tolerance limits specified in NR-15 – Unhealthy Activities and Operations.

14.3.2 Furnaces shall be installed:

a) in accordance with official technical standards;
b) in locations that provide safety and comfort for workers; and
c) in such a way as to avoid the accumulation of noxious gases and high temperatures in adjacent areas. Stairs and platforms in furnaces shall be constructed in such a way that workers can safely access and perform their tasks.

14.3.3 Furnaces using gaseous or liquid fuels shall have protective systems to prevent:

a) explosion due to failure of the heating flame and/or burner drive; and
b) flame flashback.

14.3.4 Furnaces shall be equipped with a chimney of sufficient size to allow the free escape of combustion gases in accordance with official technical standards.