CONAMA Resolution 6/89 – Provisions for the National Register of Environmentalists Entities – CNEA

CONAMA RESOLUTION 6, June 15, 1989
Published in Official Gazette on August 25, 1989, Section 1, page 14714
• Amended by Resolution 292/02 (revoked art. 2, 3, 4, 5 and ANNEX I)
Establishes provisions for the National Register of Environmentalists Entities – CNEA

The NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL-CONAMA, pursuant to the powers vested on it by article 48 of Decree No. 88,351 of 06/01/83 250 and in accordance with subitem 1 of § 2 of article 8 of its Internal Rules, resolves:

Art 1 Establish a National Register of Environmental Entities-CNEA, aiming to keep in databases, registration of non-governmental Environmental Organizations in the country, which have as their main purpose the protection of the environment.

Art 2. The registration with CNEA is voluntary and will be made by filling out the form in ANNEX, submitted to the Executive Secretariat of CONAMA, via registered mail.  (revoked by Resolution No. 292/02)

Sole paragraph. It is up to the registered entities registered the responsibility for the information provided. (revoked by Resolution No. 292/02)

Art. 3 It is up to the Executive Secretariat of CONAMA to keep information in databases and publish annually a list of registered entities. (revoked by Resolution No. 292/02)

Art. 4 The Executive Secretariat will have 120 (one hundred twenty) days to deploy the National Register of Environmentalists Entities (CNEA). (revoked by Resolution No. 292/02)

Art. 5. This Resolution shall enter into force on the date of its publication. (revoked by Resolution No. 292/02)

JOÃO ALVES FILHO – Council President

Annex I – Form for registration in the National Register of Environmental Entitites (revoked by Resolution No. 292/02)

Annex II – Instructions for filling out the form for registration in the National Regiter of Environmental Entitites

-Put the full name of the Entity as per legal registration;
-the symbol (if any);
-the operating structure (the Presidency, the General Secretariat, Departments etc.).
Fill in the fields with the relevant information.
Enter the requested data.
Inform in brief the main object and the purposes of the organization.
Enter the name, address and telephone number of the legal representative, indicate his/her position (President,
Treasurer, Director etc.);
Sign and date.
This text does not replace the one published in the Official Gazette, , on August 25, 1989.