Annex II of NR4 – Dimensioning of SESMT

Number of Workers in the Establishment
Risk GradeProfessionals50 to 100101 to 250251 to 500501 to 1,0001,001 to 2,0002,001 to 3,5003,501 to 5,000Above 5,000 For each group of 4,000 or fraction above 2,000**
1Occupational Safety Technician   11121
Occupational Safety Engineer     1*11*
Occupational Nursing Assistant/Technician     1***11
Occupational Nurse      1* 
Occupational Physician    1*1*11*
2Occupational Safety Technician   11251
Occupational Safety Engineer    1*111
Occupational Nursing Assistant/Technician    1***1***11
Occupational Nurse      1 
Occupational Physician    1*111
3Occupational Safety Technician 1234683
Occupational Safety Engineer   1*1121
Occupational Nursing Assistant/Technician    1***111
Occupational Nurse     11 
Occupational Physician   1*1121
4Occupational Safety Technician123458103
Occupational Safety Engineer 1*1*11231
Occupational Nursing Assistant/Technician   1***1***111
Occupational Nurse    11  
Occupational Physician 1*1*11231

(*) Part-time (minimum of three hours)
(**) The total dimensioning should be done considering the dimensioning of the 3,501 to 5,000 range, plus the dimensioning for the group(s) of 4,000 or fraction above 2,000.
(***) The employer may choose to hire an occupational nurse part-time, instead of an occupational nursing assistant/technician.

A) Hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, health centers, and similar establishments must hire an occupational nurse full-time if they have more than 500 workers.
B) Due to the nature of SESMT’s duties, supervision of the occupational nursing assistant/technician by an occupational nurse is not required, except when the activity is performed in hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, health centers, and similar establishments.