Annex VII of Resolution 411/09 – Glossary of Wood Products


Combustible substance, solid, black, resulting from carbonization of wood (logs, branches, and roots), and may have various shapes and densities.

Combustible substance, solid, black, resulting from carbonization of wood processing residue and may present various shapes and densities.


Piece of wood, usually a section of trunk, thin and elongated, manageable, also called handspile, prop. estronca, or rod, generally used in works and constructions to strut or temporarily halt scaffolding, tops, sloped, coated, retaining works and emergency support buildings.

Usual dimensions:
Diameter of smaller section greater than 6 cm
Length longer than 260 cm


Elongated piece of different sizes, usually a section of trunk which spikes into the ground with structural purpose to convey it the load of a construction, as part of support and others.

5- Milled Blade

Refers to the wooden blade or flat and slender fragment obtained by rotating or milling processing method, resulting from continuous turning of the log on a cutting mechanism.

6- Faqueada blade

Refers to the wooden blade or flat and slender fragment, obtained by processing of the log in the longitudinal direction or rotational through continuous and repetitive lamination method.


Name on the piece of wood or piece of trunk, obtained by disruption in the longitudinal direction, forced from cracks and crevices in wood, usually of dimensions that enable handling and with two sides forming a vertex and generally intended to be used as stake and wire fence post.

Usual dimensions:
Length up to 220 cm
Variable thickness

8- Firewood

Portion of branches, roots and trunks of trees and wood knots, normally used in direct burning or for charcoal production.

9- Sawn timber

It results directly from sawing of logs or short logs, consisting of pieces cut lengthwise through the saw, regardless of its size, of rectangular or square section. The sawn timber will be classified according to the following dimensions:

NameThickness (cm)Width (cm)
Block, square or fillet>12>12
Small beam4,0-8,08,0-11,0

Piece of wood, usually part of the trunk, manageable, normally resistant to degradation and mechanical forces, used as tutorial agricultural mainstay as a pillar firmly fixed for immobilization of large animals, as a support structure of boards, wire, fence, wiring or at the edge of rivers where they hold light vessels.

Usual dimensions:
Lengths up to 220 cm
Variable diameters 11-Post

Wooden rod, or part of the trunk, to be used spiked vertically into the soil to support structures, transformers and insulators on which rely electricity and telegraphic, telephone cords and others, or as support for lamps.

12-Finished product
Product obtained after the industrial processing of wood that is ready for use and does not include any additional processing.

13-Sawmill residue
Set of residual pieces, in various formats and sizes, resulting from industrial processing of wood.

14-Rolo-Resto or Roller
Piece of round wood, long, cylindrical and manageable, resulting from lamination of logs by milling.

Usual dimensions:
Length of 150 to 330 cm

Part of a tree, its trunk’s sections or its main part, in a round format intended for industrial processing. 

16-Short log
Profitable sections of the tree originated from the branches, or sections of the log, intended for the production of sawn timber.