Annex III of NR-16 – Hazardous Activities and Operations with Exposure to Robbery or Other Forms of Physical Violence in Security Services

(MTE Ordinance No. 1885, of December 2, 2013)

1. Activities or operations involving the exposure of personal or property security professionals to robbery or other forms of physical violence are considered hazardous.

2. Personal or property security professionals are those workers who meet one of the following conditions:

a) Employees of companies providing private security services or those part of an in-house security service, duly registered and authorized by the Ministry of Justice, according to Law 7102/1983 and its subsequent amendments.

b) Employees performing personal or property security activities in metro, rail, port, road, airport installations, and public assets, directly hired by public administration entities.

3. Activities or operations exposing employees to robbery or other forms of physical violence, provided one of the conditions of item 2 is met, are listed in the table below:

    Property surveillanceProperty and/or personal security in the preservation of assets in public or private establishments and the physical safety of people.
    Event securityProperty and/or personal security in public or private spaces, for public use.
    Security in public transportProperty and/or personal security in public transport and their respective facilities.
    Environmental and forestry securityProperty and/or personal security in fauna, flora conservation areas, and reforestation areas.
    Value transportSecurity in performing the value transport service.
    Armed escortSecurity in escorting any type of cargo or values.
    Personal securityAccompanying and protecting the physical integrity of individuals or groups.
    Operational supervision/inspectionDirect supervision and/or inspection of workplaces to monitor and guide security personnel.
    Telemonitoring/telecontrolExecution of control and/or monitoring of locations through electronic security systems.