CONAMA Resolution 1/88 – Provisions for the Federal Technical Register of activities and environmental protection instruments

CONAMA RESOLUTION 1, June 13, 1988
Published in Official Gazette on June 15, 1988, Section 1, page 10845
Establishes provisions for the Federal Technical Register of activities and environmental protection instruments

The NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL-CONAMA, pursuant to the powers vested on it by art. 27 of Decree No. 88,351, of June 1983, and

Considering the need to lay down the basic criteria and procedures for the implementation of the FEDERAL TECHNICAL REGISTER OS ACTIVITIES AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE INSTRUMENTS provided for in art. 17 of law No. 6,938 dated August 31, 1981, resolves:

Art. 1 the FEDERAL TECHNICAL REGISTER OF ACTIVITIES AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE INSTRUMENTS aims the registration, with mandatory character, of individuals or entities involved in the provision of services and advice on eco-environmental problems, as well as the elaboration of the design, manufacturing, marketing, installation or maintenance of equipment, apparatus and instruments for to the control of actual or potentially polluting activities.

Art. 2 The Special Secretariat for the Environment-SEMA and environmental agencies shall, within 90 days from the date of publication of this resolution, only accept, for purposes of analysis, technical pollution control projects or environmental impact studies, whose makers are professionals, businesses and civil societies regularly registered in the register contemplated in art. 1.

Art. 3 The period of validity of registration is 2 (two) years, and the individuals and legal entities registered the application for renewal.

Art. 4 The registration contemplated in this Resolution is free of any charge to the entity requesting the registration.

Art. 5 For the purpose of Registration it will be required of individuals and corporations concerned only the data necessary for their characterization and legal responsibility, as well as assessing the technical capacity and the effectiveness of the products or services offered, on these data to be collected through proper form, and the informant shall be responsible under the penalties of the law at any time, for the veracity of the information presented.

Art. 6 The inclusion of individuals and corporations in the FEDERAL TECHNICAL REGISTER will not imply on the part of SEMA and third parties, in certification of quality, nor judgment value of any kind.

Art. 7 SEMA, acting as the manager of the FEDERAL TECHNICAL REGISTER, shall approve additional acts necessary for the implementation of the present Resolution.

Sole paragraph. The FEDERAL TECHNICAL REGISTER will be accessible to interested parties.

Art. 8. This Resolution shall enter into force on the date of its publication.


This text does not replace the one published in the Official Gazette, of June 15, 1988.