CONAMA Resolution 268/00 – Alternative methods for the monitoring of motorcycle noise

CONAMA RESOLUTION 268, September 14, 2000 Published in Official Gazette 237 on Dec. 11, 2000, Section 1, page 29

· Changes CONAMA Resolution 2/93 (changes art. 2 § 1)

Establishes alternative methods for the monitoring of motorcycle noise.

The NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL – CONAMA, in the use of the power bestowed upon the Council by Laws 6.938 from Aug. 31, 1981, regulated by Decree 99.274 from June 6, 1990 and alterations and in light of its Internal Regulations, and
Considering the objectives set by the National Program for the Education and Control of Sound Pollution – “SILÊNCIO”, instituted through CONAMA Resolution 2 from March 8, 1990 and the provisions of CONAMA Resolution 2 from Feb. 11, 1993, related to noise emissions by motorcycles, scooters, motorized tricycles, mopeds, bicycles with auxiliary engines and similar vehicles;
Considering that chapter 9 of European Directive 97/24 substitutes Directive 87/56/EC actualized by 89/235/EC which is cited as a complementing reference to CONAMA Resolution 2 from 1993;
Considering that the evolution of technologies for the monitoring of noise levels emitted by vehicles provides more precision data, contributes to manufacturing stability and allows for improved compliance with established limits;
Considering that the harmonization of regulatory requirements is a global tendency and allow for the assimilation of progresses reached on an international basis for the benefit of the global population and allows for the harmonization of demands placed on nationally manufactured vehicles with those enforced by the international community; and
Considering that the implementation of harmonized requirements improves the level of acceptance of nationally produced vehicles abroad, improves competitiveness and develops the Brazilian industry and economy, decides:

Art. 1 § 1 of art. 2 of CONAMA Resolution 2 from Feb. 11, 1993 will be enforced according to the following text:

“Art. 2 ……………………………….

§ 1 Test practices for motorcycles and the monitoring of noise levels may be performed according to chapter 9 of Directive 97/24/EC issued by the European Economic Community as an alternative method to that established by this Resolution.”

Art. 2 This Resolution shall enter into effect on the date of its publication.