CONAMA Resolution 240/98

CONAMA RESOLUTION 240, April 16, 1998
Published in Official Gazette 73 on April 17, 1998, Section 1, page 94
· Complemented by Resolution 248/99
Suspends lumber exploitation activities within the Atlantic Forest in the Bahia State

THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL – CONAMA, in accordance with the power bestowed upon the Council by Law 6.938 from August 31, 1981, regulated by Decree 99.274 from June 6, 1990 and in accordance with the provisions of its Internal Regulations, and

Considering the vital importance of the remains of the Atlantic Forest which are protected by a Decree issued by the Federal Public Power and Resolutions issued by federal and state environmental Councils;

Considering the provisions of art. 1, Single paragraph and art. 7 of Decree 750 from Feb. 10, 1993;

Considering that it is a priority for the State Government of Bahia to safeguard the perennial preservation of native ecosystems and in particular the remains of the primary Atlantic Forest in advanced regeneration stages; and

Considering the results obtained through the inspections undertaken by teams from the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), the Environmental Resource Center (CRA), the Forestry Development Department (DDF) and by the Projects for Sustainable Forestry Management, have proved the existence of continued lumber extraction operation in the Atlantic Forest and , furthermore, the exposé made by the State Committee of the Biosphere Reserve of the Bahia Atlantic Forest and the reports and opinions from audits, decides:

Art. 1 To order IBAMA and other Bahia State environmental organs to implement the immediate suspension of lumber exploitation activities that use the prime-resource of native Atlantic Forest, trees as well as any type of deforestation of native forests that have been granted licenses by IBAMA or by state environmental organs for forestry
activities within the Bahia State Atlantic Forest area.

§ 1 The suspension that is the subject of this article is of a provisional character and is valid until completion of the realization of surveys in the remaining forest areas on the populations of forest species with commercial value and studies on the effects of forestry exploitation on the dynamics of the population.

§ 2 The Ecological-Economic Zoning of the area will be presented after the completion of the studies that are the subject of the previous paragraph in order to determine the minimum lumber stocks that are available for extraction.

Art. 2 This Resolution shall enter into effect on the date of its publications and the final results from the inspection and suspension will be forwarded to CONAMA during its next Ordinary Meeting.

DEUSDARÁ FILHO – Executive Secretary

This text does not substitute the text published in the Official Gazette on April 17, 1998.