NR-13 – Boilers and Pressure Vessels

NR-13 establishes the minimum requirements for the management of the structural integrity of boilers, pressure vessels, their interconnection pipes and metal storage tanks, in aspects related to installation, inspection, operation and maintenance, aiming at the safety and health of workers.

NR-13 was first issued in 1978 and has undergone eight revisions since then, involving tripartite commissions and social participation. The latest revision was in 2019, harmonizing and simplifying the NR-13 with the new NR-01.

NR-13 applies to equipment that operates under pressure or vacuum, contains fluids of different classes according to their toxicity, flammability and combustibility, and are categorized according to their potential risk group, based on the product of pressure and volume.

NR-13 defines the responsibilities of the employer, the legally qualified professional, the operator and the inspection service, as well as the conditions of serious and imminent risk, the documentation, the communication and the certification of the equipment.

NR-13 also specifies the requirements for the installation, operation, inspection and safety of boilers, pressure vessels, pipes and metal storage tanks. It has four annexes that provides additional information and guidance on training and qualification of boiler and pressure vessel operators, certification of self-inspection services (SPIE) and legally qualified professionals, and the management of combustion and instrumented safety systems.

[Book] NR-13 Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Pipings, and Metallic Storage Tanks (Annotated)
(Version 2022 with comments and explanations)

NR13 – Boilers and Pressure Vessels
(Version 2014)

Annex I – Personnel Training
(Version 2014)

Annex II – Certification Requirements for Self Service Equipment Inspection
(Version 2014)

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