Glossary of NR-18

Anchorage: A point or fastening element installed on a building or other structure to support work equipment or PPE.

Balustrade: A protective structure against falls located at the edge of a floating platform.

Batching Plant: Equipment used to mix concrete ingredients for construction purposes.

Beam: A horizontal structural element that is primarily subjected to bending forces.

Cantilever: A projecting structure, supported only at one end, that is used in construction to extend out horizontally.

Cantilever Slab: A slab extending horizontally from a structure, supported at only one end.

Cement Mixer: Equipment used to combine cement, aggregates, and water to produce concrete.

Climbing Formwork: A system that allows formwork to climb up the building as construction progresses.

Column: A vertical structural element that primarily carries compressive loads.

Concrete Pump: Equipment used to transfer liquid concrete from a mixer to the point of placement on a construction site.

Construction Site: A fixed and temporary work area where construction, demolition, assembly, installation, maintenance, or renovation operations are carried out.

Decking: A platform, typically made of wood or metal, used as a floor surface in construction.

Electric Collector: A device responsible for transmitting electrical power from the fixed part (tower) of a crane to the rotating part.

Excavator: Heavy equipment used for digging and moving earth on construction sites.

Expansion Axis: An axis equipped with rollers or tracks at the ends, allowing its expansion to provide stability to the MEWP.

Fall Arrest System: A system consisting of an anchorage system, connecting element, and personal protective equipment, in accordance with NR-35.

Fixed Vertical Ladder: A ladder fixed to a structure, used to overcome height differences.

Formwork: Temporary or permanent molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured.

Geotechnical Study: A study necessary to define soil or rock parameters, such as drilling, field tests, or laboratory tests.

Guardrail: A protective barrier to prevent falls, usually placed along edges and openings.

Hand Tool: A manual instrument used by workers to perform tasks.

Hydraulic Jack: Equipment used to lift heavy loads using hydraulic force.

Indelible Characters: Any numeric digit, alphabet letter, or special symbol that cannot be erased or removed.

MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform): Mobile equipment, either self-propelled or not, equipped with a workstation, basket, or platform, supported by a metal arm, boom, or scissor lift, capable of ascending to reach elevated work points or locations.

Manual Excavation of Caisson: An excavation performed to reach deeper soil layers for foundation construction.

Pedestrian Gallery: A covered corridor that allows pedestrians to move safely.

Pile Driver: Equipment used for driving piles into the ground to support foundations.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Equipment worn by workers to protect against health and safety risks.

Protective Platform: A platform installed on the perimeter of a building to catch falling materials.

Pump Operator: A person qualified to operate a concrete pump.

Safety Net: A protective system to prevent or cushion the fall of people.

Scaffolding: A temporary work platform structure used for performing tasks at elevated locations.

Scissor Lift: A type of MEWP that moves up and down using a cross-brace system.

Shoring: Support structures used to stabilize trenches or buildings during construction.

Signalman/Rigger: A worker responsible for signaling and rigging loads.

Suspended Chair: An individual work platform supported by cables, made of steel or synthetic fiber, and moved vertically.

Temporary Electrical Installations: Electrical installations of temporary buildings that make up the construction site and work fronts.

Telescoping Crane: A process that changes the height of a crane by adding elements to its tower through an opening in the cage.

Toolbox Talk: Safety meetings held to discuss job-specific hazards and preventive measures.

Trestle: A frame used to support temporary structures, such as scaffolding.

Welding Machine: Equipment used for welding metal parts together.

Winch: A mechanical device used to lift materials, consisting of a rotating horizontal cylinder powered by a motor or crank, around which a rope or steel cable is wound.