NR-5 – Internal Committee for Prevention of Accidents and Harassment (CIPA)

NR-5 was initially issued by MTb Ordinance No. 3.214 on June 8, 1978, to regulate Articles 163 to 165 of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT), revised by Law No. 6.514 of December 22, 1977, which amended Chapter V on Safety and Occupational Medicine. Classified as a General Standard by Ordinance SIT No. 787 on November 28, 2018, the Internal Committee for Prevention of Accidents (CIPA) aims to prevent work-related accidents and diseases, aligning work with the preservation of life and promotion of worker health. CIPA must be established per workplace, comprising employer and employee representatives, and sized according to the company’s employee count and risk level.

Without a National Tripartite Thematic Commission (CNTT) for ongoing NR-5 implementation, updates are discussed within the Permanent Tripartite Commission (CTPP). Since its publication, NR-5 has undergone two major revisions and eight specific changes, mainly updating CIPA’s sizing based on economic activities. The first major revision in 1983 introduced training certificates and meeting minutes templates. In 1994, the Risk Map was added to CIPA’s duties, requiring worker participation and SESMT collaboration.

In 1996, a Tripartite Working Group (GTT/CIPA) was formed to propose NR-5 revisions, resulting in substantial text changes and a deadline for changes to CIPA’s sizing. In 2011, after CTPP deliberations, SIT Ordinance No. 247 amended document submission, representative numbers, and CIPA election processes. The latest change in 2019 by SEPRT Ordinance No. 915 harmonized technical terms and set new training rules, including remote and blended learning options.

The modernization of NR-5 is under tripartite discussion, as outlined in the regulatory agenda from the 97th CTPP Meeting in June 2019. The CTPP was dissolved by Decree No. 9.759 on April 11, 2019, and reestablished by Decree No. 9.944 on July 30, 2019, starting a new sequence of meeting minutes.

NR5 – Internal Committee for Prevention of Accidents and Harassment (CIPA)
(MTP Ordinance No. 4219, of December 20, 2022)

Annex I of NR5 – CIPA in the Construction Industry
(MTP Ordinance No. 4219, of December 20, 2022)

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