NR3 – Embargo and Prohibition

(Last amendment on January 19, 2011)

3.1 Embargo and prohibition are emergency measures based on work conditions presenting imminent and serious danger to the worker.

3.1.1 Imminent and serious danger is considered as any work condition or situation that may cause work-related accident or illness leading to serious injury to the physical integrity of the worker.

3.2 Prohibition implies the total or partial suspension of the establishment, service sector, machine or equipment.

3.3 Embargo implies the complete or partial shutdown of the work.

3.3.1 Work implies any and all construction, assembly, installation, maintenance or renovation services.

3.4 During the embargo or prohibition, necessary activities to correct the situation of the imminent and serious danger can be undertaken as long as appropriate measures to protect the involved workers are adopted.

3.5 During the shutdown resulting from embargo or prohibition, the employees shall receive their wages as if they are actively working.

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