CONAMA Resolution 17/89

CONAMA RESOLUTION 17, December 7, 1989
Published in the Official Gazette on Jan. 24, 1990, Section 1, page 1742
Establishes provisions for the destination of non-edible products and sub-products from
animals seized by IBAMA .

THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL – CONAMA, in accordance with the power bestowed upon the council by item I of § 2, of art. 8 of its Internal Regulations, and
Considering that commercial activities in relation to this matter may jeopardize the livelihood of existing animal farmers;

Considering the non-existence of a whole system for the study, monitoring, management, educational and inspection system – to further public awareness;

Considering that it is not possible to assess potential of fauna stocks through studies on the dynamics and the monitoring of the respective environments and species, decides:

Art. 1 To order the incineration of Wild Fauna non-edible products and byproducts, apprehended and stored up to the present date by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources – IBAMA.

Art. 2 To order IBAMA to incinerate such products and byproducts within 30 (thirty) days after the date of apprehension according to legal procedures.

Art. 3 o This Resolution shall enter into effect on the date of its publication.

JOÃO ALVES FILHO – Council President

This text does not substitute the text published in the Official Gazette on Jan. 24, 1990.