MTE’s New Regulatory Agenda focuses on reviewing NRs

The Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) has published the Regulatory Agenda for Occupational Health and Safety Regulatory Standards (NRs), which was discussed during the 19th Ordinary Meeting of the Permanent Joint Tripartite Commission (CTPP), held in December.

The agenda establishes the priorities for the standardization of OHS issues during the course of this year, and among the priorities are the new Appendix on Traffic Officers in NR-16 (Dangerous Activities and Operations), due to Law 14.684/2023, scheduled for March; and the new Appendix on Ladders in NR-35 (Work at Height), scheduled for June.

Review of NRs

The new text of NR-22, which deals with occupational health and safety in mining, is approved by the Consensus. The revised NR improved item 4.3.1 (Mineral Dust Annex), which deals with definitions and quantitative and qualitative assessments of these types of dust in the workplace. Actions were also defined, such as the creation of the National Tripartite Thematic Commission (CNTT) of NR-22, the development of the NR-22 Application Manual, and the resumption of discussions, related to heat, of NR-09, focusing on activities carried out underground.

Public Consultation

Another highlight promoted by the agenda is the new text of NR-11, which deals with the transportation, handling, storage and handling of materials, scheduled for December. Under public consultation until February 9, the content covers all activities related to the transportation, handling and storage of materials, as well as equipment such as cranes, forklifts and freight elevators.

Once the period for receiving proposals is over, they will be analyzed by the Secretariat for Labor Inspection (SIT), which will prepare a draft text that will be sent for discussion to the Special Tripartite Working Group (GTT), composed of representatives of the government, workers and employers. The GTT will then forward the final text proposal to the SIT for consideration by the CTPP.

The structuring of the Regulatory Agenda for Regulatory Standards follows the schedule of four ordinary meetings of the CTPP, as provided for in its Rules of Procedure, to be held in March, June, September and December 2024.

MarchContainer Storage:
Discussion of alternative
NR-15 – Annex 3
NR-09 – Annex 3
(Exposure to heat in mining)
NR-16 – Annex 5
(Hazardous activities on motorcycles)
NR-16 – New Annex
(Traffic Officers)
NR-20 – Annex IV
(Deadlines for fuel pumps)
Psychosocial risks:
Presentation of the final report.
(Chapter 1.5)
(Annex on Ladders)
(Geral Review)
NR-16 (aircraft refueling):
Technical Presentation of Workers.
Role of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Trade and Services, Welfare and Health in the CTPP:
Technical presentation
(Electoral process, harassment and sizing)
NR-09 and NR-15
(Annexes on Chemicals)
(Aircraft refueling)
Annex I (cnae/gr),
Special SESMT,
(General Review)
NR-15 – Annex XIV
(Biological Agents)
NR-20 – Annex IV
(Fuel loading and unloading activities)
NR-20 – Annex III
(Metal tanks)
2024 agenda of CTTP