Procedures for DRDH and Water Use Permits Are Modified

Brazilian National Water and Sanitation Agency (ANA) recently published Resolution No. 198/2024, which introduces changes to the processes of Declaration of Water Availability Reserve (DRDH) and the granting of provisional and definitive water use permits. These changes, effective from July 1, 2024, require all DRDH requests to be examined and decided upon by the Collegiate Board of Directors (DIREC).

Key Changes in the Resolution

The new ANA resolution requires all requests for DRDH, provisional water use permits, and definitive water use rights to be reviewed by the DIREC. This includes applications for discharges into intermittent or ephemeral rivers, as well as requests involving withdrawal or discharge volumes of 2.5 cubic meters per second or more. This change is designed to streamline the decision-making process, ensuring that significant water use decisions are thoroughly scrutinized and managed transparently, thereby promoting better water resource management in Brazil. The involvement of DIREC aims to enhance accountability and sustainability in managing the country’s water resources.

Implications for Water Resource Management

This new directive underscores ANA’s commitment to sustainable water management and ensures that critical decisions are handled by the highest level of the agency. By involving the DIREC, the resolution seeks to ensure that all significant water use decisions undergo thorough scrutiny, thereby promoting responsible and sustainable water use practices.

The changes introduced by this resolution are expected to have a profound impact on water resource management in Brazil. By tightening the review process for water use permits, ANA aims to better protect the country’s water resources, particularly in regions with intermittent or ephemeral rivers, which are more vulnerable to overuse and pollution.


ANA’s Resolution No. 198/2024 represents a crucial step towards more effective and transparent water resource management in Brazil. By centralizing the decision-making process within the DIREC, ANA aims to ensure that all significant water use decisions are made with the highest level of scrutiny and responsibility.

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