Animaseg Notifies Platforms for Selling Non-CA Certified PPE

Brazil’s National Association of The Industry of Safety Material and Protection at Work (Animaseg) took decisive action by issuing extrajudicial notifications to major e-commerce platforms Amazon, Magalu, and Mercado Livre. These platforms were found to be selling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) without the required Approval Certificate (CA) from the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE). The notification demands the immediate removal of non-certified PPE or clear labeling indicating that these products are not approved PPE.

The Importance of CA Certification for PPE

  1. Safety Compliance: CA certification guarantees that PPE meets the rigorous safety standards set by the MTE. This certification process involves comprehensive testing to ensure that the equipment provides adequate protection against workplace hazards. By adhering to these standards, manufacturers and sellers can help prevent workplace injuries and ensure the wellbeing of workers.
  2. Consumer Protection: Ensuring that PPE sold in the market is CA-certified protects consumers from potentially dangerous equipment. This is especially important for items like hearing protectors and face respirators, which are often counterfeited. CA certification provides consumers with the assurance that the PPE they are using is safe and reliable.
  3. Market Fairness: Animaseg’s notification aims to eliminate unfair competition. Non-certified products are typically cheaper, which can undermine the sales of manufacturers who comply with CA requirements. By enforcing these regulations, Animaseg helps to level the playing field, ensuring that all manufacturers compete fairly.

The Role of OHS Professionals

Professionals in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) have a critical role in selecting and recommending PPE. They must ensure that all PPE used in workplaces has the necessary CA certification to effectively safeguard workers’ health and safety. OHS professionals are often the first line of defense in identifying non-compliant equipment and advocating for its removal or replacement.

The Broader Implications of Non-Compliance

Selling PPE without CA certification not only endangers worker safety but also has legal implications. Companies found selling non-certified PPE may face penalties and damage to their reputations. Additionally, this practice can lead to increased scrutiny and stricter regulations, affecting the entire industry.


Animaseg’s proactive measures to notify platforms about non-certified PPE highlight the importance of adhering to regulatory standards for safety and market integrity. By promoting the use of CA-certified PPE, Animaseg ensures that workers are protected, and fair competition is maintained in the industry. The enforcement of these standards benefits everyone involved—from manufacturers to consumers—by ensuring that only safe and reliable PPE is available on the market.

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