69 Companies Authorized for Green Mobility Incentives

The Mover Program, initiated by the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce, and Services (MDIC) in Brazil, has recently seen a significant expansion with the authorization of 14 new companies. This brings the total number of authorized companies to 69 since the program’s inception. The Mover Program aims to promote innovation and decarbonization within the automotive industry, offering financial credits as incentives for companies to promote green mobility.

One notable project among the newly authorized companies is the relocation of a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) engine factory from another country to Brazil. This project represents a substantial investment of R$ 454 million and is expected to generate 600 direct jobs, underscoring the economic impact of the Mover Program alongside its environmental goals.

The authorized companies span various sectors within the automotive industry, including manufacturers of auto parts, light vehicles, and heavy vehicles. Notably, the program is geographically diverse, with companies from São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, Bahia, and Amazonas receiving authorization. This wide distribution ensures that the benefits of the program are felt across the country.

Companies participating in the Mover Program can request financial credits proportional to their investments, ranging from R$ 0.50 to R$ 3.20 per real invested beyond a minimum threshold. The amount of credit a company can receive is influenced by the level of national innovation content in their production processes and their pursuit of external markets, which can yield additional incentives.

The program mandates that all participating companies, regardless of their eligibility for financial credits, must meet specific requirements. These requirements include adhering to new metrics and standards introduced by the Mover Program, such as criteria for recyclability and comprehensive carbon emissions measurement throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, from production to disposal.

The Mover Program is designed to build on the success of its predecessor, the Rota 2030 program, by introducing more stringent requirements and expanding the scope of financial incentives. The program aims to distribute a total of R$ 19.3 billion in financial credits between 2024 and 2028, signaling a strong commitment to fostering a sustainable and innovative automotive industry in Brazil.

This initiative reflects Brazil’s broader efforts to transition towards greener technologies and practices within its industrial sectors. By encouraging investments in innovation and sustainability, the Mover Program not only aims to reduce the automotive industry’s environmental impact but also to enhance its global competitiveness.

The full list of companies authorized under the Mover Program includes prominent names such as BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, and Volkswagen, among others. These companies are expected to play a pivotal role in driving the industry’s transition towards greener practices, setting a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in the automotive sector.

The expansion of the Mover Program represents a significant step forward in Brazil’s efforts to promote green mobility and innovation in the automotive industry. By providing financial incentives and setting rigorous standards, the program aims to foster a more sustainable and competitive industry, ultimately benefiting both the environment and the economy.


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