Empowering App-Based Drivers in Brazil

The Brazilian government has taken a significant step toward ensuring fair treatment and rights for app-based drivers. On April 24, 2024, the Federal Government unveiled the “Autonomy with Rights” campaign, specifically aimed at informing app-based drivers about crucial provisions outlined in the Proposed Complementary Law for Four-Wheeled App Drivers (PL Complementar 12/2024). This initiative not only seeks to educate professionals within this category but also aims to combat misinformation and fake news surrounding the topic.

Understanding the Campaign

The campaign’s core objective is to empower app-based drivers by providing them with essential information about their rights and protections. It sheds light on key aspects of the proposed legislation, fostering transparency and clarity.

The PL Complementar 12/2024 introduces several critical provisions:

  1. Minimum Hourly Earnings: The law guarantees a minimum hourly wage of R$ 32,10 for drivers.
  2. Transparency: Drivers will have access to detailed information about fares, including the portion allocated to the company and the driver.
  3. Health and Safety: While maintaining autonomy over their schedules, drivers will be protected by a reasonable daily work limit of 12 hours.
  4. Social Benefits: The proposed law ensures drivers’ entitlement to retirement benefits, sick leave, and maternity leave.

Combating Misinformation

The campaign aims to dispel false narratives and misconceptions. By emphasizing the slogan “Autonomy with Rights. You Have Much to Gain,” it encourages drivers to explore the official portal for comprehensive information and frequently asked questions related to the proposed legislation.

Impact and Implications

The courts recent ruling in European countries, classifying Uber drivers as “workers” entitled to minimum wages and other employment rights, underscores the global significance of such initiatives. Brazil’s campaign seeks to strike a balance between flexibility and worker protections, recognizing the unique needs of gig economy workers.


The “Autonomy with Rights” campaign represents a pivotal moment for app-based drivers in Brazil. As the gig economy continues to evolve, ensuring fair treatment, transparency, and access to essential benefits becomes paramount. By educating drivers and dispelling misinformation, the government takes a crucial step toward creating a more equitable landscape for all.