Toxicological Exam Alert for Drivers: Check Your Status

As the deadline for the mandatory toxicological exam approaches, the Brazilian National Traffic Department (Senatran) is gearing up to send out fresh notifications to the 3.4 million drivers in categories C, D, and E who have not yet completed the required test. These alerts will be delivered via the Digital Traffic Wallet (CDT) on Wednesday, April 17.

Why the Urgency?

Drivers falling into the aforementioned categories, with their driver’s licenses expiring between January and June, must undergo the toxicological exam by April 30. Failure to comply within this timeframe will result in direct fines issued by the electronic systems of state and federal traffic departments, starting from May 1. This failure to complete the exam is considered a serious infraction, carrying a hefty penalty of R$1,467.35 and adding seven points to the driver’s license.

Monitoring Compliance

The electronic systems of state and federal traffic departments will diligently track compliance with these deadlines, allowing them to apply penalties once the specified timeframes have lapsed. The Senatran has consistently worked to raise awareness among drivers through educational campaigns and alerts via the CDT, urging them to take the test.

Checking Your Toxicological Exam Status

Here’s how you can verify whether your exam is up-to-date:

  1. Access the Driver’s Area in the CDT.
  2. Click on “Toxicological Exam.”
  3. Check if the deadline for the exam has passed.
  4. If it has, locate one of the accredited laboratories and proceed with the collection for the toxicological exam.

Remember, timely compliance is crucial to avoid penalties and ensure road safety. Stay informed and take the necessary steps to keep your driving record in good standing.