Mandatory Registration of Occupational Health Services in Brazil

In an effort to improve the standard of medical care provided to employees in organizational settings, the Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) issued a resolution (Resolution CFM No. 2376) requiring the registration of occupational health services provided to employees. This important provision underscores the commitment to ensure the legality and quality of health services in corporate environments.

Oversight of the Occupational Medical Surveillance Program (PCMSO)
Under the new guidelines, organizations are required to implement the Occupational Medical Surveillance Program (PCMSO), which is designed to protect and preserve the health of workers in the face of occupational hazards. Crucially, this program must be overseen by a designated occupational health physician in accordance with the risk assessments outlined in the organization’s risk management program (RMP).

Occupational Physician Accountability
A cornerstone of the resolution is the requirement that occupational health physicians overseeing PCMSOs register as responsible practitioners with the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) in the state in which they practice. This requirement is intended to ensure accountability and compliance with professional standards and to facilitate regulatory oversight.

Notification Protocol for Changes in Responsibility
Physicians supervising PCMSOs are required to formally notify the CRM within 30 days if they are no longer responsible for a particular PCMSO. This notification protocol is critical to maintaining transparency, tracking accountability, and facilitating seamless transitions of responsibility.

Constitutional and International Alignment
The resolution is consistent with constitutional provisions that affirm health as a fundamental right of all individuals and emphasize the role of the state in ensuring access to health services. It also draws on international labour standards, International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations on occupational health and safety.

Recognition of Occupational Health Expertise
The resolution recognizes the expertise of occupational health professionals in addressing work-related health problems and promoting adaptations to the workplace environment, and emphasizes the key role of these professionals in ensuring the well-being of workers.

Implementation and Impact
By adopting this resolution, the CFM aims to strengthen the regulatory framework for occupational health services, thereby improving the quality of care provided to workers and promoting a safer and healthier work environment. The resolution went into effect upon its publication, signaling a proactive step toward prioritizing the safety and well-being of workers in Brazil’s workplaces.

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