Brazil Selected for Study on Mycotoxins in Cereal

Brazil has been selected by the Codex Alimentarius, a joint program of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), for a study to evaluate the impact of international practices to prevent naturally occurring mycotoxins in cereal. This initiative, aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the international code of practice established by Codex Alimentarius, underscores Brazil’s commitment to food safety and its contribution to global standards.

The study will examine national data on the occurrence of mycotoxins in maize grown in Brazil. It will include interviews with key stakeholders, including regulatory agencies, universities, research institutes and industry representatives, to gain insight into the progress made in recent years and identify areas for improvement.

Farid El Haffar, representing Codex Alimentarius, emphasized that this first study will serve as a model for future efforts. The selection of Brazil for this study recognizes the country’s efforts to control mycotoxins in cereal, particularly fumonisins in maize. El Haffar expressed optimism that the results will inspire other countries to adopt the international code, thereby raising global food safety standards.

The international mission is coordinated by Brazil’s National Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa). Ligia Schreiner, Manager of Risk Assessment at Anvisa’s General Food Management, emphasized the importance of this initiative: “We are committed to ensuring the safety of the food provided to the Brazilian population and recognize the importance of Codex’s international standards in this process. Participation in this case study will allow a more precise evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures taken to prevent mycotoxin contamination in cereals.

Anvisa shares Codex’s expectation that the results of this case study will not only benefit Brazil, but also contribute to the improvement of international food safety standards. This effort will ensure safer and higher quality products for consumers worldwide.