Ibama Drives Nuclear Emergency Preparedness in Rio de Janeiro

The Ibama (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) conducted the first meeting of 2024 to discuss the Nuclear Emergency Response Planning in the city of Angra dos Reis. This meeting, held from February 27 to March 1, brought together the Planning Committee for Nuclear Emergency Response in Angra dos Reis (Copren/AR) and the Planning Committee for Nuclear Physical Security Events in Angra dos Reis (Copresf/AR).

Angra Nuclear Power Plant – Photo by Rodrigo Soldon

Both committees are integral parts of the Brazilian Nuclear Program Protection System (SIPRON), aimed at ensuring integrated planning, coordinating joint actions, and executing ongoing measures to address the safety needs of nuclear activities, facilities, and projects in Brazil.

The meeting included representatives from the Office of Institutional Security of the Presidency of the Republic (GSI/PR), the Brazilian Navy, the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN), the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the Military Police, the National and State Civil Defense structures, the State Institute of the Environment (INEA), among others, in accordance with the National Plan for Nuclear Emergency Situations (PNASEN).

Ibama’s Nuclear Emergency Plan

The Ibama, a key player in the SIPRON framework, emphasized its commitment to nuclear emergency preparedness during the meeting. The Institute had recently instituted its Complementary Emergency Plan (PEC) through the publication of Normative Instruction No. 03/2024 on March 26. The PEC serves as a guide for Ibama’s actions in preventing and planning responses to nuclear emergencies and also provides valuable insights for other institutions developing their complementary plans.

Rogério Rocco, the Superintendent of Ibama in the state of Rio de Janeiro, highlighted Ibama’s essential role within SIPRON:

“Beyond our role as the licensor for Brazilian nuclear activities to safeguard social well-being and environmental protection, Ibama plays a central role in monitoring nuclear activities to ensure compliance with license conditions. Being part of a system and sharing strategies and plans with numerous excellent agencies and institutions to prevent and respond to nuclear emergencies is a significant responsibility. We are honored to host the first meeting of the group in 2024.”

To maintain a vigilant stance over Brazilian nuclear activities, Ibama maintains a technical unit in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, strategically positioned near the Nuclear Complex housing two operational plants and a third one under construction.