ABNT NBR 9452:2023 – Inspection of bridges, viaducts and footbridges – Procedure

The integrity and safety of bridges, viaducts, and footbridges play a crucial role in ensuring smooth transportation and public safety. To uphold these standards, the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) has recently revised and published the ABNT NBR 9452:2023, focusing on the inspection procedures for these critical structures.

The ABNT NBR 9452:2023 Inspection of Bridges, Viaducts, and Footbridges – Procedure, developed by the Technical Committee for the Execution and Inspection of Special Concrete, Mixed, Masonry, and Stone Structures (ABNT/CEE-169), supersedes the 2019 edition, emphasizing the importance of thorough assessments to ensure the structural soundness of these critical infrastructural elements.

The standard establishes the requirements for inspecting bridges, viaducts, and footbridges, considering the diverse materials used in their construction – concrete, steel, or a combination of both. For mixed-material structures, the inspection procedures are tailored to the specific characteristics of concrete and steel elements.

When dealing with concrete elements, the standard outlines the fundamentals of inspection that align with the principles applied to pure concrete structures. Similarly, for steel components, the inspection adheres to the established fundamentals specific to steel structures. This tailored approach ensures a comprehensive assessment based on the unique properties of each material.

Presentation of Results
An integral part of the inspection process is the presentation of results. The standard provides guidelines on how inspection findings should be documented and reported. This meticulous documentation is crucial for decision-making, maintenance planning, and overall infrastructure management.