Brazilian PPE Market Showed %5 Growth in 2023

The Brazilian market for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is poised for significant growth in 2023, according to the annual report “Indicators of the Brazilian Personal Protective Equipment Market 2023,” released by the National Association for the Safety and Protective Equipment Industry (ANIMASEG). The data reveals a projected 5% increase compared to the previous year, taking the market value from R$ 17.3 billion to R$ 18.2 billion.

Certifications and Quality:

A crucial aspect highlighted in the report is the total number of valid Certificates of Approval (CAs), reaching 14,500. These certifications are essential to ensure product compliance with established technical and safety standards, showcasing the sector’s commitment to providing high-quality PPE.

Key Segments:

  1. Safety Clothing (29.8% of the market): Leading the market, safety clothing represents 29.8% of the total value, reaching R$ 5,149,659,000. This segment plays a vital role in protecting workers against various risks, including biological and chemical hazards, contributing significantly to occupational safety.
  2. Safety Footwear (19.6% of the market): With a 19.6% market share, safety footwear generated R$ 657,300,379.49. This segment underscores the importance of protecting workers’ feet against impacts, slips, and other risks present in workplace environments.
  3. Safety Gloves (17.4% of the market): Accounting for 17.4% of the market, safety gloves recorded a market value of R$ 583,988,537.79. Essential in various activities, gloves play a crucial role in preventing hand injuries among workers.

The consistent growth of the PPE market reflects the increasing awareness of the importance of workplace safety. With the implementation of innovative technologies, advanced materials, and a continuous search for more effective solutions, the sector is expected to continue playing a fundamental role in protecting Brazilian workers.

According to statistics from the International Labour Organization (ILO), Brazil records 1,374 accidents per 100,000 workers, ranking 25th globally in workplace accidents.

In summary, the data presented in the ANIMASEG report not only indicates financial growth in the PPE sector but also emphasizes the ongoing need for investments in workplace safety, aiming to preserve the health and integrity of professionals across various industries.

For a detailed exploration of the report, including comprehensive statistics and analysis, you can download a copy of the “Indicators of the Brazilian Personal Protective Equipment Market 2023” by visiting ANIMASEG’s official website