Risk factors to the health and safety of motorcycle delivery drivers in Brazil

Preventive measures in Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) on the organization of the work of motorcycle delivery drivers, who provide services on mobile applications (Apps), are addressed in a technical report. The material was prepared by specialists at Fundacentro and is available for download.

Motorcycle delivery drivers who work on Apps are subject to accident risks every day. In addition, financial and job insecurity are also present in the daily lives of these professionals.

As a result of a research project “Analysis of the organization and working conditions in Crowdsourcing activities”, the report finds that the low remuneration of App deliverers has a direct impact on several aspects of occupational health and safety.

Long working hours, working injured or with a broken limb, the impossibility of having adequate protective equipment, and the lack of food safety are among the most important factors pointed out in the study.

The research also notes that the creation of public policies can help in reducing the dependency of these workers, which would have a positive effect on occupational health and safety.

It also proposes 14 preventive actions in occupational health and safety. Among them is the establishment of places in the cities where delivery drivers can rest, have lunch, use the bathroom, and hydrate themselves.

The technical report is a work by Leo Vinicius Maia Liberato (Coordinator), Juliana Andrade Oliveira, Jefferson Peixoto da Silva, Marcelo Alexandre de Vasconcelos, and Ana Rúbia Wolf Gomes.

You can access the report in Portuguese at the Fundacentro Library