Number of workplace accidents in Bahia increases by 470%

In the month that marks the National Day for Prevention of Accidents at Work that will be celebrated on July 27th, three fatal accidents in different regions of Bahia occurred in just three days, exposing the lack of safety at work and the risks under which workers are being exposed, given the low number of Labor Inspectors (AFTs) to carry out prevention and inspection actions throughout the state.

On Thursday (7), two residents of the municipality of Camaçari died in Porto Seguro, after being buried in a macro-drainage work of the city hall where they were working contracted by an outsourced company. Two other fatal accidents occurred in the western region of the state.

On Monday (4), despite using personal protective equipment (PPE), a 24-year old worker fell from a height of six meters and hit his head. Upon arriving at the scene, the emergency service confirmed the victim’s death. On Tuesday (05), a 54-year-old worker died electrocuted at a public work in the city of Barra, while welding a welded wire mesh in the town square.

Importance of the investigations

The Union of Tax Auditors of the State of Bahia (SAFITEBA) emphasizes the importance of the work of inspectors in the investigation of the causes so that such cases do not happen again. The Union also highlights that there was an increase of 470% in the number of workplace accidents registered in Bahia, between the years 2010 and 2021. 39 thousand accidents in total. With more than ten years without civil service examination and about 50% of the inspectors’ positions being vacant, the prevention measures involving workers and companies, as well as labor inspections are insufficient for the demand.

“It is of utmost importance to increase the number of labor inspectors to carry out investigations in these cases, not only to identify the causes of the accidents, but mainly to indicate the measures that should be adopted to avoid new deaths and to guide companies and service providers, under whatever type of contract they have been submitted, about safety measures and the guarantee of rights to workers and their families in cases of accidents”, explains Rivaldo Moraes, acting president of SAFITEBA.