Waste disposal inspections in Nova Odesa

Sofas, food scraps, tree branches, electronics, debris. These are some of the materials that are being left unduly in the Voluntary Delivery Locations (VDL) of Manoel Jorge Forest and Isidoro Bordon Park in Nova Odessa, as well as the Voluntary Delivery Points (VDP) of José Gazzetta. These sites are for the exclusive disposal of recyclable materials. The Secretariat of Environment is intensifying the inspection and will fine who is caught disposing irregular wastes.

“The VDLs, VDPs and Ecopoints were installed in our city with the objective of providing accessible and correct locations for the disposal of the debris. However, the residents need to be aware of the correct use of these spaces, taking only the materials that can be discarded,” explained the director of Environment, Fernanda Dagrela.

She pointed out that all material taken to these sites are subsequently separated, with the support of cooperatives and companies, for proper final destination. “Ecopoints, VDLs and VDPs are not dumps. They are points of collection of materials that will be separated later and sent for adequate final disposal, avoiding pollution and contamination of the environment and ensuring the organization of the city. Unfortunately, we have citizens who do not respect and discard all kinds of inappropriate material, seriously compromising the service offered,” she said.

According to her, the City Hall periodically carries out cleaning of the premises, however, in recent weeks, the amount of improper materials discarded has increased. “We will intensify the surveillance and prosecute these offenders. The disposal of garbage and debris in an improper place can generate a fine of R$ 500 to R$ 5 thousand,” said the director.

She pointed out that the purpose of municipal legislation prohibiting irregular disposal is not to fine but to raise awareness, however, the situation is worsening. “Those who comply with the legislation do not need to worry, but we must prevent people without conscience from polluting and damaging our city,” he said.

In addition to the intensification of inspections, the Secretariat of the Environment will soon start a new awareness campaign on the correct disposal. “We are preparing new guidance material that will be distributed to the population. We will also put plaques and use our social networks for this action,” he said.

Last year, the Environmental Department issued 958 notifications and 98 fines for irregular disposal in Nova Odessa.

Source: Jornal de Nova Odessa