Project allows inclusion of persons with mental illness in labor market

The Regional Superintendency of Labor in Minas Gerais (SRT-MG) is celebrating the positive results of the Project for Inclusion of Persons with Mental Illness in the Labor Market, a pioneer initiative in Minas Gerais and that completes three years of implementation. The project integrates the actions of the Project for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in the Work Setting, and the Labor Audits of the Ministry of Labor.

The objective is to strengthen compliance with the reserved positions established in Law 8213 of 1991, better known as the Quotas Law, which provides for the hiring of persons with psychosocial disabilities (for example, schizophrenia), after completing a professional apprenticeship course by qualified educational institutions.

The project is carried out by the SRT-MG in partnership with the Municipal Health Secretariat of Belo Horizonte and the National Service for Commercial Education (Senac). The Verdemar Supermerket was the first company to join the proposal, whereby a total of 90 workers with this profile were already included in the work environment.

The project coordinator Patrícia Siqueira, the labor inspector of SRT-MG, explains: “Initially, the workers are indicated by community centers belonging to the Municipality of Belo Horizonte to participate in professional training carried out by Senac. During the theoretical and practical training in the contracting company, the apprentices are gradually inserted in the work environment. At the end of the process, these people are employed as workers with an indeterminate contract.”

Source: Brazilian Ministry of Labor