Expert says Brazil needs to invest more in chemical safety

There are less than three years left to implement an International Chemicals Management System within the scope of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). It is a voluntary agreement, established by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which has a membership of about 100 countries, including Brazil.

In an interview with Podprevenir, Fernando Vieira Sobrinho, a chemical engineer from the Fundacentro, explains that the SAICM will be brought into focus at the Chemical Safety Week between October 16 – 20, which is promoted by the Fundacentro at its headquarters in São Paulo.

It is estimated that nearly 100,000 hazardous products are commercially available worldwide and around 2,000 new substances enter the market every year, with only a small proportion being toxicologically tested. Hazards are associated with exposure during production, storage, handling, transportation, use, as well as accidental spillage or illegal disposal.

According to Vieira, the prevention of chemical accidents requires appropriate risk management within companies, preventive measures, training people, and the flow of information on the properties and risks of chemical substances. All these issues will be addressed at the seminar.

You can listen to the full interview (in Portuguese) at Podprevenir.


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