Environmental Management Forum brings together governments and society

More than 10,000 participants are expected at the Brazil Environmental Management Forum, which will hold about 50 activities from 10 to 12 July in Campinas, São Paulo.

With the participation of environmental organizations, municipal, state and federal governments and the private sector, the event will be held over three days. Workshops, debates, technical chambers, business roundtables, exhibition and fairs are on the agenda of the meeting, which promises to be the largest ever held in Brazil on environmental issues.

The program begins daily at 8 am and continues until 9 pm at the Expo D. Pedro in Jardim Santa Bárbara. The event is an initiative of the National Association of Municipal Environmental Agencies (ANAMMA) with the support of 40 organizations, including the Ministry of Environment. The idea is to promote a broad debate on the environmental agenda of states, municipalities, federal government, companies and civil society.

Topics such as conservation of biodiversity, water issues, climate change, vulnerability, forests and ecological landscapes will be the subject of debate. The meeting aims to outline a panel on environmental issues, progress and challenges proposed by national and international agendas.

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