Inmetro offers new accreditation services

Inmetro, through the General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE), is offering two new accreditation services in the area of testing (ABNT NBR ISO IEC 17025), which will contribute to increase safety, reliability, quality and competitiveness in the industries of various segments of the Brazilian market.

Hydrostatic tests to measure the resistance of multilayer pipes to long-term internal pressure are demanded due to the impact on the safety of the use of these materials during the design life of the facilities. Multilayer pipes consist of inner and outer tubes of polyethylene or cross-linked polyethylene adhered to a central aluminum tube, providing flexible tubing and good mechanical strength. The accreditation of laboratories that perform or will perform these tests, through CGCRE, further enhance public confidence, ensuring that these pipes have been evaluated by an independent and competent laboratory.

The accreditation service to perform rapid gas decompression tests on O-ring (or gasket) is also being offered. An O-ring, also known as a toric joint, is a mechanical gasket in the shape of a torus. It can be used in static or dynamic applications where there is relative movement between parts. Dynamic examples include rotary pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons. When used in apparatus involving high pressures and temperatures, the O-ring can undergo cracking and extrusion, with significant loss in seal integrity. This kind of test is intended to ensure adequate safety in the operation of the O-ring, which acts as a sealing element.