Fundacentro to realize a course on accident prevention and analysis

Fundacentro will realize a course on ‘Occupational Accident Prevention and Analysis Model (MAPA)‘ in São Paulo on 26 and 27 November and on 9, 10 and 11 December 2015. Registration will be opened on October 22nd and will be available until 17.00 of November 3th. To participate, applicants must meet the established prerequisites and submit personal data for curriculum analysis through the form provided.

The course covers accident investigation and analysis, questioning the predominant traditional view of human error, which reduces the phenomenon and limits the scope of preventive actions. To do so, participants will use the MAPA, which collects and analyses data, using concepts that complement each other: usual work analysis, change analysis and barrier analysis.

The course also explores the aspects of production and safety management to understand the origins of the event and refer to different theories. These are: physical, psychological and cognitive ergonomics, social sciences, anthropology, systems engineering, Charles Perrow’s accident theory, organizational accident models, such as James Reason and Michel Llory, among others.

Source: Fundacentro