299 dead in electrical accidents in 2014

299 people died in accidents involving contact with electricity in 2014, as against 317 dead in 2013, in Brazil. The survey was carried out by the Brazilian Association of Electric Power Distribution Companies. The total number of electrical accidents dropped to 777 in 2014, as against 814 in 2013. The number of accidents recorded in 2014 is the lowest since the beginning of recording in 2001.

Research shows that the majority of deaths occurs in the construction and maintenance of buildings. Last year, 64 fatal accidents occurred. Electrical connections made in a clandestine manner took second place with 24 occurrences, followed by 23 dead in installation and repair of TV antennas, 13 dead in tree pruning and 7 dead due to kites.

The research also shows that there were 196 accidents with serious injury and 282 accidents with minor injury. According to Nelson Leite, the president of the Brazilian Association of Electric Power Distribution Companies, the accidents in construction occur mostly during informal work. The main cause of the accidents is accidentally contact with live parts.

Source: Agencia Brasil