Pecém Complex Stands Out for Green Hydrogen Projects

Brazil’s commitment to renewable energy takes a big leap forward with the Pecém Complex emerging as a frontrunner for green hydrogen (H2V) projects. On May 3rd, 2024, Minister of Ports and Airports Silvio Costa Filho and National Secretary of Ports and Waterway Transportation Alex Sandro de Ávila conducted a technical visit to the Pecém Port Complex.

The complex, boasting over 19,000 hectares and a strategic location, is now positioned as Brazil’s hub for green hydrogen. This designation comes as the complex houses the country’s first projects. The visit aimed to showcase these renewable energy initiatives as a model for other port authorities across Brazil.

Green hydrogen’s environmental benefits perfectly align with Brazil’s national goals of fostering a sustainable future and enhancing public well-being.

Minister Costa Filho highlighted the port’s potential as a premier hydrogen hub. This designation creates a direct export channel, particularly to Europe, facilitating the transportation of hydrogen. “I have no doubt that the Port of Pecém will become a global reference point for green hydrogen,” stated Minister Costa Filho. “We intend to export this technology to European nations and other interested parties, further stimulating the region’s economic growth.”

Secretary Ávila echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the significant investments being made in the complex’s green energy projects, specifically green hydrogen. He pinpointed the complex’s role as a “perfect hub” to streamline exports to Europe. “We are actively developing a cost-effective financial proposal to position Brazil at the forefront of global green hydrogen competitiveness,” highlighted Secretary Ávila.

The Pecém Complex itself is a multifaceted entity, comprised of three key zones:

  • The Industrial Area, which houses some of Northeast Brazil’s leading manufacturing facilities.
  • The Pecém Port, a vital trade and transportation hub.
  • The Pecém Hub, a designated zone specifically tailored for oil and gas activities.

This visit underscores the complex’s adaptability and its central role in driving Brazil’s renewable energy future. The Pecém Complex’s green hydrogen initiatives are not only environmentally responsible but also hold immense potential to fuel economic growth and position Brazil as a significant green hydrogen supplier on the world stage.