CTPP sets up committees and working groups on NRs

The CTPP, composed of representatives from the government, employers and workers, has established two thematic commissions and two working groups to address various aspects of OSH in different sectors and activities. These are:

  • National Tripartite Thematic Commission (CNTT) of NR-18: This commission will monitor and discuss the implementation of NR-18, which deals with the conditions of safety and health in the construction industry.
  • CNTT of NR-38: This commission will oversee and discuss the implementation of NR-38, which covers the safety and health in the urban cleaning and solid waste management activities.
  • Tripartite Working Group (TWG) to review Chapter 1.5 – Occupational Risk Management: This working group will review Chapter 1.5 of NR-01, which sets the general provisions and guidelines for the management of occupational risks.
  • TWG to revise NR-11: This working group will review NR-11, which regulates the transport, movement, storage and handling of materials.

These resolutions, published in the Diário Oficial da União (DOU) on February 6, 2024, reflect the ongoing efforts of the CTPP to update and improve the NRs, in accordance with the principles of social dialogue and tripartism. The NRs are the main legal instruments for ensuring the protection of workers’ health and safety in Brazil, and they cover a wide range of topics, such as ergonomics, noise, machinery, chemicals, electricity, fire, agriculture, mining, health services, among others.